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Giving birth to five children has left an indelible mark upon my life. And it’s those five babies that have given me the drive to teach childbirth education and to become a doula.

Birth changes a woman for the rest of her life. I have had a long and hard hospital birth, a quick and intense birth that ended in a hospital hallway, an easy, breezy, laughable birth, a breech birth at home with midwives, and a baby birthed en caul in the water at home again!. For each one of those I give thanks. They have shaped the way I view life. And the day I held that first child of mine, my spirit marvelled within me, “You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made! You ARE! A-MA-ZING!”

Ever since then I have pursued a career path to train women to believe just that. Your design is so incredible. You actually get to take part in the miracle of life. This is not something that should be taken lightly. Preparing for birth takes committment and dedication. It is my joy and privilege to come alongside you in your birth journey. So here’s to your up-coming birth-day, and knowing and trusting your design. Happy birthing!

Married: to Joe, 11 years
Hometown: Hardeeville, South Carolina
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (the REAL BBC version)
(former) Favorite pastime: Prank calling (before caller ID)
College: Carson-Newman College, BS in Special Education


  • Childbirth Eduation, AAHCC 2007-present
  • Doula, AAHCC 2007-present and DONA 2013-present
Taking her Bradley classes was a wonderful way for me to engage with other expecting moms while gaining invaluable information. We discussed everything from nutrition and exercise to birthing positions and relaxation methods. She was a valuable resource and was always available to help answer all the random questions that came to mind.
Jordan Bridges